Agile Training

Kick-start your journey

A rapid and flexible way to kick-start teams and inform management and stakeholders of the principles and practices required for successful adoption of Agile methods.

Hands-on Learning

Literally. We augment theory with practical – yet fun – hands-on exercises to help you make sense of all the new information.

Create capabilities

Improve the capabilities of your teams to enable champions of sustainable change.

Modern Agile

Agile has changed since 2001. Our training embraces that change.
All our trainings are hands-on with exercises to help you understand new theories and concepts (unless stated otherwise). We provide the following workshops:
  • Certified Scrum Master with PSM1 certification (three days)
  • Certified Product Owner with PSPO I Certification (three days)
  • Agile Essentials with Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup (½ – 1d)
  • Writing & Managing Agile Requirements
  • Agile Project Management (1-2d)
Whether as a participant or if you’d like to run a course, contact us if you are interested

Lean Kanban Training

Kanban is an agile approach for managing the product development process in a highly efficient way. In its essence, you could distil the idea of Kanban down to one sentence:
  • Better decision making and communication through visual management and data
Contact us if you are interested in participating or running a course.
We provide the following courses, certified by the Lean Kanban University:
  • Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP)
  • Kanban Management Professional Foundations I (KMP1)
  • Kanban Management Professional Foundations II (KMP2)


Go with the flow

How does work flow through your system? Do you know where the bottlenecks are? How can it be optimised?

Systems thinking

Analyse and optimise your value stream for the entire system.

Alternative path to Agility

Kanban is simpler and has fewer rules than any other agile methodology. This results in much higher flexibility of use cases.

Lean Startup Workshops


I want to start my own business but where do I start? How can I find a good idea? How can I find out if my idea is good or if I’m on the right track? Or maybe you are struggling with the question: How can my company regain some (or all) of the agility it once had? If you are struggling with these questions, our Lean Startup workshops can help you!

All our workshops consist of at least 33% exercises to help you put theory into practice.

We run the following hands-on workshops:

  • Introduction to Lean Startup
  • Introduction to Product Management
  • Introduction to Lean Analytics
  • 1-day MVP: Find an idea and build a working demo in 24h!
  • Product Management Bootcamp
  • Building Products & Apps without Technical Knowledge