LEGO Serious Play

LEGO Serious Play

Results Driven

Better decisions

The use of LEGO bricks enables you to take a speedy shortcut to the core. They are a catalyst that allow you to fully utilise the collective intelligence of everyone in the room, thus enabling better decision making.

Leverage Collective Intelligence

Fully harvest the insight, ideas and imagination available in your organization. LSP enables 100/100 meetings – meetings were 100% of participants are 100% engaged.

Organisational Alignment

Because everyone actively participates in the building of the models, all participants end up on the same page. Perfect alignement.

Commitment To Shared Goals

Giving models meaning through metaphors and storymaking, deepens understanding and socially “bonds” together the group who “plays” together. Participants come away with increased confidence and more committed to the shared and common goals.

The Essence of LSP

Give Your Brain A Hand!

When you as a leader or manager want to gather the total individual and team brain power to work on complex business issues such as developing strategy plans, resolving conflicts, forming and developing teams and working with turnaround and restructuring – then LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ (LSP) is the method of choice.

Consider how such gatherings take place – typically as meetings and workshops. Think about all those meetings you have participated in over the years. Just imagine how valuable it would be for the business if everyone left those meeting rooms feeling that:

  • everyone’s insight, knowledge and ideas were brought fully to the table.
  • other participant’s insight, knowledge and ideas were fully integrated as each person’s insights.
  • everyone is on the same page about what happened in the meeting, that it really will make a difference right now, and they had both the insight and the confidence to make it happen.
  • every participant also left these meetings feeling a stronger commitment to go about their work and take action in accordance with what was shared, because the meetings also created a social bond and increased the shared sense of responsibility.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® deals with exactly that challenge – and solves it successfully and! It is a language, communication tool, problem solving methodology, based on the belief that everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions, and the outcome.