Who we are


Ars Agilis Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 2015 by Michael Chik.

A previous incarnation of it existed in London (UK) from 2010 until 2014. Ars Agilis was founded to bring a higher level of professionalism and the value of a more structured implementation of Agile’s superior approach to our client. As a result, we assist customers drive dramatic improvements in their service delivery capability. We apply our expertise across the full lifecycle; facilitating organisational transformation to enable Agile practices, all the way through to improving software development practices within the teams.

With over five years of success behind us, Ars Agilis has a strong track record in the Agile space. Providing access to some of the leading exponents of Lean and Agile thinking in Asia, we leverage the best minds and strategic frameworks to drive value improvements for our clients. We are uniquely equipped with a particular blend of skills required to work with people, process, organisations and tools. While based in Hong Kong, Ars Agilis operates throughout East and South-East Asia.

We are also strong supporters of the Agile grassroots community. Our founder, Michael, is co-organiser of Agile Hong Kong. Previously, he also co-organised Agile Singapore as well as the London Scrum User Group and is founder of Lean Kanban Singapore.

our leadership team

Michael Chik
Michael Chik
Michael spent time working with large enterprises, such as JP Morgan and Standard Chartered Bank, startups and charities. Originally from Austria, he has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector. He has advised numerous early (and some not-so-early) stage startups and helped large behemoth companies

Our values


“Communication issues” are the most commonly identified root cause for problems. Instead of retroactively addressing this, we put our focus on high-bandwidth communication from the beginning. People create value, not organisational structures.

Focus on People & Culture

People create value, not organisations. Having the right people in place is paramount to success. We focus on growing a culture that feels safe, fun and fosters innovation.

Look at the whole product

Instead of merely focusing on the scope of a project, we look at the product as a whole and apply ideas from Lean Thinking.

Modern Agile

We value strategic over tactical solutions and don’t follow recipes

We pride ourselves in being chefs, not merely cooks. We combine a deep understanding of organisational models and frameworks with a unique focus on valuing and respecting people. This leads to practical and long-lasting results. We don’t just take existing frameworks, implement them by the book and blame with you if it doesn’t work.

  • Our overall goal is to delight your users. We achieve this by
  • first building up a safe environment for everyone involved, while at the same time
  • Experimenting and learning rapidly. This, in turn, allows us to
  • Continuously deliver value to you.

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