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People focus and strengthening of teams Teams are more than the sum of its individual parts. We help your teams align to each other and the company vision. This leads to a sustainable increase of productivity.


The key to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world. We help you build your own capability to innovate, without having to rely on external consultants long-term.


Use gamification to multiply productivity Enjoying your work multiplies productivity. It’s that simple. We use the gamification to help you solve serious business problems using play.

Achieving Business Agility

We use Agile to help your company become fit-for-purpose, find product-market-fit, or create the capability to innovate

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Yesterday, I had a short and interesting discussion with Viktor Grgic. He was explaining how he loved OmniGraffle. During our chat, I remembered using OmniGraffle v4 back in 2006. Back then, its intended purpose was still to be a diagramming and illustrating
Another new year is upon us and many of my friends and colleagues are starting to formulate their new year’s resolutions. If you are anything like me, you probably believe that your odds of beating them and actually sticking to your resolutions
The sprint review is a vital part of agile project management's inspect and adapt cycle. Together with the sprint retrospective they form the core feedback loop between the sprints. The sprint review meeting has two goals: for the team to demonstrate what

Agile 101


Scrum & Scaled Scrum

Scrum is the most popular agile framework. For a good reason! Done properly, you can immediately enjoy increased productivity and faster time to market with just a couple of small changes to your teams and production process.


Lean Kanban

Kanban is definintely the most flexible methodology out there. Its goal is to ensure your business is fit-for-purpose, optimise (work)flow and thus to drastically reduce your time to market. It does all this while emphasising business value and quality.


Lean Startup

Contrary to its name, Lean Startup is used by both small organisations and large enterprises. It emphasises the use of MVPs to rapidly iterate a product’s business model and check its validity.

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